Starting to see results from all the graft

Week 7 Jantastic

Another 100% record in Jantastic.  7 weeks of consistently running three times a week and cycling twice a week.

IMAG0557   IMAG0558

What my week looked like

Monday 16th Feb

  • Planned: nothing
  • Actual: nothing

Tuesday 17th Feb

  • Planned:  tread run and stationary cycle
  • Actual: nothing

Wednesday 18th Feb

  • Planned: nothing
  • Actual: nothing

Thursday 19th Feb

  • Planned: 30 min spin class and tread run
  • Actual: 30 min spin class and 4 mile run on tread 30 min 24 sec

Friday 20th Feb

  • Planned: 4 mile run on tread and 45 min pump class
  • Actual: 4 mile tread run in 30 mins and 45 min pump class

Saturday 21st Feb

  • Planned:  14 mile cycle
  • Actual: nothing

Sunday 22nd Feb

  • Planned: 8 mile run and 12 mile cycle
  • Actual: 8 mile run in 1 hour 37 mins 4 sec and 2.69 mile cycle

Review of the week

I had intended to get one run mid week to take pressure off later in the week.  I arrived at gym on Tuesday and started to change; sports bra, T-shirt, sports socks and then as I took off my jeans I noticed something missing. My gym bottoms! I was so angry with myself.  I even contemplated running in my jeans but my friend kindly told me I’d regret it later with all the chaffing.  I got home and then did nothing.  A missed opportunity as I was more than half-dressed so could easily have gone for a run outside.  I didn’t and now look back wishing I had.  Thursday I did my usual spin class followed by a tread run of 4 miles.  I had done the same the previous week and quite enjoyed this combination.  On Friday, creature of habit, I did a tread run of 4 miles and a 45 min pump class.  I am really pleased with this session as I managed to run 24 seconds faster than yesterdays tread run.

I woke up on Saturday morning and my mood was low.  Nothing major just couldn’t get myself into active mode.  To be fair a cycle ride outside would have been the best thing to lift my mood.  But sometimes we don’t believe in sense.  I rested and did enjoy the day.  It was a blue sky day with no hint of wind.  It would have been a wonderful day for a cycle but I decided to leave it to Sunday…Sunday I woke up eager to meet my final two targets; long run and cycle.   The weather was like a different season from yesterday.  Sunday was a grey sky, semi heavy consistent rain and sharp cold air.  I left it later than normal hoping a weather miracle might reveal itself.  It didn’t but it didn’t dampen my spirits.  My rest had done me good.   I chose to run with a podcast of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews  which this week was presented by Edith Bowman and Robbie Collins.   The distraction did the trick to mask the wet and the cold.   At the end of my run I had achieved a Personal Best! This was my fastest ever 8 miles.   My first one three weeks ago on a flat scenic route had been in 1 hour 40 min 47 sec, my second 8 miles last weekend was a hilly route done in 1 hour 42 mins.  To achieve a PB of 1 hour 37 min 4 seconds on a wet, cold trail route was so amazing.  When you start seeing results from all your hard graft it makes the effort so much worth it!

IMAG0553  IMAG0554

IMAG0555  IMAG0556

Goals for next week

Last week I set the following as goals:

  1. one body pump class and one core conditioning session at home
  2. one spin class
  3. one cycle over 10 miles (c.12-16 miles)
  4. three runs incl one long run of 8 miles

Of these I managed half of 1, achieved 2 and 4 and failed on goal number 3.  So 2 and a half out of 4 isn’t too bad.  I should have been able to meet goal number 3 and I feel I let myself down.  I must fight through the feelings of low mood and plain laziness.  In these circumstances I need to remind myself of what I am hoping to achieve.   I need to remind myself of fitting into smaller sized clothes, feeling more energetic and being healthier inside and out.  I wont fully achieve this if I have a “can’t be arsed” attitude.  It was such a beautiful day on Saturday I would have truly enjoyed being out on my bike.   The lesson I’ve learned was to think about the bigger picture and keep motivation near by.  Or to quote a Billy Ocean song ” when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.    Next time I’m flagging I will choose a podcast and do some exercise.   One thing I know for certain is I never regret exercising only when I’ve not.


Goals for next week:

  1. 1. one pump class
  2. 2. one spin class
  3. 3. one cycle of 12-14 miles
  4. 4. 3 runs including one of 6 miles

As it is my birthday next weekend I am planning on doing most of my exercise Monday to Friday as my husband and I are away for the weekend.

This weeks been a mixture of lows-not doing long cycle and highs-achieving a PB.  It is such a good feeling achieving a PB and one I hope I can feel again.

Super small wins are wonderful

Week 2 of Jantastic

Another week meeting all my targets; 3 runs and 2 bike rides.   Here’s a picture of my results

IMAG0509 IMAG0510

However, the week was totally different from last week.   The main reason for this was the not so wonderful weather.

IMAG0055 IMAG0057

How my fitness week looked


lunch time run 3 miles tread          (Planned)

3 mile run on tread in 22 minutes (Achieved)


evening spin class                       (Planned)

I booked a spin class but due to bad weather and the potential of more bad weather decided  not to go.  When I got home I asked a friend if she wanted to go for a run.  My friend had already tried to run but stopped as it was far too icy and dangerous.                    (Achieved)


evening run outside                (Planned)

My husband was working late so I needed to be back home from work for the kids. (Achieved)


none exercise day                          (Planned)

4 mile run on treadmill in 30 minutes.  I planned this as I had missed out on yesterdays evening run with my running buddies.  (Achieved)


none exercise day        (Planned)

3.14 mile run outside in 36 minutes and 59 seconds with my friend.  I wasn’t really intending to run tonight but my friend was having a “week from hell” and had not managed any of her 3 target runs.  So I said I would run with her to help with motivation. (Achieved)


long run outside                (Planned)


5.932 miles in 42 minutes cycling outside.  I had hoped to cycle longer than this but it was Baltic! (Achieved)


long cycle outside                      (Planned)

30 minutes spin class at gym. (Achieved)

Review of week

I am very pleased I’ve managed to run 3 times and get 2 bike sessions in.  These are my Jantastic goals and I am super happy that despite the weather I achieved them.  However, I had also set myself some personal targets for this week-

  • few body pump sessions at the gym (Wednesday and Friday)-didn’t go to any pump class this week
  • make Mondays lunch time run  longer-this I was able to do! 
  • make my mid-week run a hill session-didn’t complete a hill session this week

Well, one out of three isn’t too disappointing.  I suppose this week it is worth reminding myself of the bigger picture (healthy and fit for 2015) and to embrace all the small wins when they come.   When not everything goes to plan it can be very easy to fall into the trap to recall all and only the negatives.  People can rapidly reveal all of life’s losses but seldom can remember what has been good.  I was on a Cognitive Behavioural Approach training course last week and there are elements from this which may help us fitness fanatics.    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy “is a talking therapy that can help you manage your problems by changing the way you think and behave” (

As a Social Worker and Volunteer Counsellor I use elements of this approach in my day-to-day work.  One of the suggestions from this course was to end the week listing all the positives that had happened.  In fact it may even be therapeutic to do this exercise daily.  So, here are my positives or wins as I have called them;

  • I ran three times this week
  • I cycled twice this week
  • I achieved another 100% week in Jantastic
  • I helped a friend out and upped her motivation
  • I was recruited to join #runderful runners #earthathon team as part of the “virtual” earthathon relay on twitter
  • I am still feeling 100% motivated and committed to fit and healthy me goals for 2015

Goals for next week

In addition to my three runs and two bike rides I want to find a way to get some toning/conditioning exercises into my week.  If I can’t realistically manage to attend two body pump classes per week I need to find another way.  So, I looked out some fitness DVD’s and will give the toning sections in theses a go.  I am going to try to do these Mon, Wed and Fri morning pre leaving for work.


Here’s to a fit, healthy and successful week

We can do this guys!

It’s the final countdown (cue air guitar solo)- 6 days to go before the big day arrives-Marathon Madness-


7 things I’ve learned since training for my marathon (so far)

  1. Training for a marathon is very consuming-of your time, your energy and your emotions.  It affects the whole family.  A long run for me with my pace (say 20 miles) takes around 4 hours and 15 minutes. That’s half a Sunday!
  2. For marathon training to work you need the full support of everyone in the household.  It’s amazing what encouragement does to your motivation.
  3. You don’t lose weight training for a marathon-you get fitter and stronger but I have not shrunk in size.   This doesn’t bother me in the slightest as I didn’t want to run a marathon to lose weight.  I am running a marathon as I want to push my body both mentally and physically.  The achievement is the end result-completing a marathon. What irritates me is other people making comments about me looking the same as I did pre 16 weeks marathon training.  Get over it losers!
  4. I am more confident than I realised at asking people to sponsor me.  I didn’t think I’d be able to ask people, friends, family and colleagues to sponsor me.  But £513 later I seem to have managed this fairly well.  But what made me manage it successfully was with a BIG help from family especially my dearest husband who collected £165 from his work and my fabulous mother who rallied up her friends and collected £90.
  5. Marathon training pushes your body to many exhilarating highs and dreadful lows.  It is indeed a rollercoaster!!  Sometimes training goes to plan but other times it doesn’t.  On days when things don’t go to plan it can be hard to remind yourself why I signed up for the bloody marathon! I remember one particularly bad training day when I had planned to be out for 20 miles but ran out of water at 15 miles.  I had to push myself really hard to make it from mile 10 up to 15 as I had reached an incredibly low point.  But, in the end, I can look back and feel proud of myself for pushing on despite feeling the constant urge to stop.  Then there are days when everything goes perfectly. On a good day I managed 20 miles in 4 hours 16 minutes. A personal best-4 minutes faster than my previous 20 miles even managing sprinting the last 3 miles.
  6. I am learning more about myself.  I now know I am the type of person who is always looking for the next big thing.   I like having a focus to train on.   I will warn you all now I am already thinking of the Paris Marathon for next year…
  7. I’m not very good at updating my running blog 😦 I can only get better at it