Mixing it up a bit

Week 6 Jantastic-

I’m half way through Jantastic and still maintaining a 100% record for my chosen targets.  But that’s only half the story as the headline news is I feel fitter and stronger.  Post Jantastic I am hoping to remain committed to 3 runs and 2 bike rides a week to help achieve my goal for a fit and healthy me in 2015.

IMAG0548   IMAG0549

What my week looked like-

Monday 9th Feb

  • Planned: Tread run and body pump class
  • Actual: 45 min pump class

Tuesday 10th Feb

  • Planned: nothing
  • Actual: nothing

Wednesday 11th Feb

  • Planned: nothing
  • Actual: nothing

Thursday 12th Feb

  • Planned: spin class
  • Actual: nothing

Friday 13th Feb

  • Planned: tread run and body pump class
  • Actual: tread run 4.70 miles and 45 min pump class

Saturday 14th Feb

  • Planned: 3 mile run and 10 mile cycle
  • Actual: 3 mile run in 35 min and 10.24 mile cycle in 1 hour and 8 mins

IMAG0532      IMAG0536 IMAG0537     IMAG0539

Sunday 15th Feb

  • Planned: 6 mile cycle and 8 mile run
  • Actual: 6 mile cycle in 42 mins and 8 mile run in 1 hour 42 mins

IMAG0540    IMAG0545   IMAG0547    IMAG0546

Review of the week-

This week had the beginnings of being a brilliant week as I was starting with a body pump class.  But I finished work later than anticipated so only managed pump class.  I missed spin as I had dentist and due to dentist was too late to make the class.   Therefore by Friday morning I had 3 days to fit 5 cardio activities in.  I wasn’t too worried just a matter of mixing it up and being focused on my goal; meet Jantastic targets.

I did the same Friday night session as last two weeks-4.7 mile tread run (last week managed 5 miles) and pump class.  Saturday and Sunday I did one run and one cycle on both days.  Like last weeks long run I pushed myself to run faster at the end.  This time I managed 1 mile faster than the whole run had been so really chuffed with that.  It was really great doing both activities back to back.  I never felt overwhelmed or too tired just right.  In fact I just felt really strong in my legs and lungs.

IMAG0551 IMAG0550

Goals for next week-

My goals last week that I achieved were: two body pump classes, 3 runs incl one 8 mile run and one 10 mile cycle.   The one I didn’t meet was spin class.


This week I hope to achieve the following:

  1. one body pump class and one core conditioning session at home
  2. one spin class
  3. one cycle over 10 miles (c.12-16 miles)
  4. three runs incl one long run of 8 miles

I am feeling fit and fabulous.  Long may this satisfaction from exercise continue.

Better late than never

Sunday 3rd February

Last week was the last of my 4 week pre marathon plan.  I have been pretty good for the past previous 5 weeks to run 4 x a week.  However, this week (w/c 28th January) I broke that vow.  I only managed 3 runs 😦

And I did all three runs three days in a row-Friday to Sunday.

Why you wonder?

I couldn’t be arsed. Not the voice, I hear you say, of a marathon runner.  But my voice nonetheless.  I could shower you all with some of my excuses but I’m pretty sure you will have heard them all before. (I’m too tired from work, I’m too busy at work, I’ve too much housework, I’ve got too many other responsibilities like walking the dogs and helping with the kids homework, I will run tomorrow and the handy “I cant think of any more excuses but I’m not running anyway” excuse-sound familiar….)

By Friday 1st February I was determined to run.  I had gotten sick of my own excuses. Plus, to be honest I wanted to run as I like running.  So I did 3 miles at 8pm on Friday night.  Followed by 5 miles on Saturday at 4pm and finally I did my long run of 8 miles on Sunday at 4pm.

So despite a late, late start to my training plan I almost managed my full schedule.  And to top it off I achieved PB in all three of my runs.  

Better late than never, eh.

New Play list:

This week (w/c 28th January) I added some new tracks to my playlist-

  • Rita Ora -Radioactive
  • Matrix and Futurebound-Magnetic eyes
  • Bingo Players-Rattle

Byeee Elena 🙂Image