Starting to see results from all the graft

Week 7 Jantastic

Another 100% record in Jantastic.  7 weeks of consistently running three times a week and cycling twice a week.

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What my week looked like

Monday 16th Feb

  • Planned: nothing
  • Actual: nothing

Tuesday 17th Feb

  • Planned:  tread run and stationary cycle
  • Actual: nothing

Wednesday 18th Feb

  • Planned: nothing
  • Actual: nothing

Thursday 19th Feb

  • Planned: 30 min spin class and tread run
  • Actual: 30 min spin class and 4 mile run on tread 30 min 24 sec

Friday 20th Feb

  • Planned: 4 mile run on tread and 45 min pump class
  • Actual: 4 mile tread run in 30 mins and 45 min pump class

Saturday 21st Feb

  • Planned:  14 mile cycle
  • Actual: nothing

Sunday 22nd Feb

  • Planned: 8 mile run and 12 mile cycle
  • Actual: 8 mile run in 1 hour 37 mins 4 sec and 2.69 mile cycle

Review of the week

I had intended to get one run mid week to take pressure off later in the week.  I arrived at gym on Tuesday and started to change; sports bra, T-shirt, sports socks and then as I took off my jeans I noticed something missing. My gym bottoms! I was so angry with myself.  I even contemplated running in my jeans but my friend kindly told me I’d regret it later with all the chaffing.  I got home and then did nothing.  A missed opportunity as I was more than half-dressed so could easily have gone for a run outside.  I didn’t and now look back wishing I had.  Thursday I did my usual spin class followed by a tread run of 4 miles.  I had done the same the previous week and quite enjoyed this combination.  On Friday, creature of habit, I did a tread run of 4 miles and a 45 min pump class.  I am really pleased with this session as I managed to run 24 seconds faster than yesterdays tread run.

I woke up on Saturday morning and my mood was low.  Nothing major just couldn’t get myself into active mode.  To be fair a cycle ride outside would have been the best thing to lift my mood.  But sometimes we don’t believe in sense.  I rested and did enjoy the day.  It was a blue sky day with no hint of wind.  It would have been a wonderful day for a cycle but I decided to leave it to Sunday…Sunday I woke up eager to meet my final two targets; long run and cycle.   The weather was like a different season from yesterday.  Sunday was a grey sky, semi heavy consistent rain and sharp cold air.  I left it later than normal hoping a weather miracle might reveal itself.  It didn’t but it didn’t dampen my spirits.  My rest had done me good.   I chose to run with a podcast of Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Reviews  which this week was presented by Edith Bowman and Robbie Collins.   The distraction did the trick to mask the wet and the cold.   At the end of my run I had achieved a Personal Best! This was my fastest ever 8 miles.   My first one three weeks ago on a flat scenic route had been in 1 hour 40 min 47 sec, my second 8 miles last weekend was a hilly route done in 1 hour 42 mins.  To achieve a PB of 1 hour 37 min 4 seconds on a wet, cold trail route was so amazing.  When you start seeing results from all your hard graft it makes the effort so much worth it!

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Goals for next week

Last week I set the following as goals:

  1. one body pump class and one core conditioning session at home
  2. one spin class
  3. one cycle over 10 miles (c.12-16 miles)
  4. three runs incl one long run of 8 miles

Of these I managed half of 1, achieved 2 and 4 and failed on goal number 3.  So 2 and a half out of 4 isn’t too bad.  I should have been able to meet goal number 3 and I feel I let myself down.  I must fight through the feelings of low mood and plain laziness.  In these circumstances I need to remind myself of what I am hoping to achieve.   I need to remind myself of fitting into smaller sized clothes, feeling more energetic and being healthier inside and out.  I wont fully achieve this if I have a “can’t be arsed” attitude.  It was such a beautiful day on Saturday I would have truly enjoyed being out on my bike.   The lesson I’ve learned was to think about the bigger picture and keep motivation near by.  Or to quote a Billy Ocean song ” when the going gets tough, the tough get going”.    Next time I’m flagging I will choose a podcast and do some exercise.   One thing I know for certain is I never regret exercising only when I’ve not.


Goals for next week:

  1. 1. one pump class
  2. 2. one spin class
  3. 3. one cycle of 12-14 miles
  4. 4. 3 runs including one of 6 miles

As it is my birthday next weekend I am planning on doing most of my exercise Monday to Friday as my husband and I are away for the weekend.

This weeks been a mixture of lows-not doing long cycle and highs-achieving a PB.  It is such a good feeling achieving a PB and one I hope I can feel again.

Humdrum week

Week 5 Jantastic-

I am really pleased I have met all my Jantastic targets this week again; 3 runs including one of 8 miles and 2 bikes.  My 100% record continues.




What my week looked like-

Monday 2nd February

  • Planned-nothing
  • Actual-nothing

Tuesday 3rd February

  • Planned-evening run
  • Actual-nothing.

Wednesday 4th February

  • Planned-tread run and body pump class at gym
  • Actual-bike at gym (15 min-4.8 miles), body pump class then tread run (16 min-3 miles)

Thursday 5th February

  • Planned-spin class
  • Actual-spin class

Friday 6th February

  • Planned-tread run and body pump class at gym
  • Actual-tread run (37 min-5 miles) and body pump class

Saturday 7th February

  • Planned-8 mile run
  • Actual-8 mile run in 1 hour and 40 min

Sunday 8th February

  • Planned-10 mile cycle
  • Actual-nothing

Review of the week-

This week has been a humdrum sort of week.   No amazing achievements and no awful days just humdrum.  Another way to describe this state would be by saying it was uneventful.  I completed 3 runs and 2 bike sessions.  Nothing more and nothing less.

I started the week by taking a rest day on Monday.  I had exercised Thursday to Sunday previous week so thought it best to take a break.  I had the time and opportunity to run on Tuesday evening but didn’t.  I can’t even come up with a reasonable excuse.  I was plain lazy.  This meant on Wednesday I was playing catch up with myself.  I arrived early for body pump to fit a tread run in but the gym was so busy all treads were full.  I had 15 min free time before class so did a session on stationary bike.  The class was good but the lunges almost broke me! At the end I still wanted to fit a run in so decided to stay for 15 mins.  I normally manage 3 miles in 15 mins but my legs were like jelly.  It was over 16 mins before I reached 3 miles.  I pushed myself too much in one day and paid for it with my jelly legs.  I need to remember quality over quantity for fitness sessions next time.  Thursday having learned my lesson I left then gym after spin class.  Friday I did same as last week; run on tread and body pump class.   Had a great tread session clocking up 5 miles in 37 mins.   I felt really strong before my long run on Saturday.  I kept a fairly slow pace for 7.5 miles and then pushed myself for last half mile.


In the evening I had some tightness in my left knee and my legs left a little stiff.  I decided on Sunday not to do my cycle.  I had already met my Jantastic target so it was purely pleasure and leisure going out of for a ride.  My legs felt normal so decided to listen to my body and give them a rest day.

Overall, my week was ok.  I met my Jantastic targets of 3 runs including one of 8 miles.  I managed to increase one of my other runs from 3 to 5 miles and went to two body pump classes.




Goals for next week-

  1. two body pump classes
  2. run three times including one 8 mile long run and 4-5 miles on each other session
  3. one spin class
  4. one 10 mile cycle outside

Bye bye humdrum week!

The tale of the runner, one long run, four dogs and one dog bite

Last Sundays long run was an interesting affair..
It began no different from normal with lots of good musicImage, fresh air and off I sprang into my 8 mile run. Soon after I was introduced to a boxer dog who appeared keen on saying hello and even keener on jumping up onto my front. However after a wee pat and goodbye, plus a stern shout from its owner I was able to continue on with my long and steady run.

A few miles later I was joined by an eager cocker spaniel who decided it’d be a laugh to chase me round the football pitch I was running around. Another few goodbyes and off I went into the forest for the bulk of my run. I felt really good with my run and by mile 6 was on the homeward stretch. This is where I met dogs number three and four.

You see, I like dogs. I have a dog who goes by the name Jerry or as I affectionately call him “Jezabel”. While some dogs are friendly (aka dogs one and two) and there are others who aren’t friendly. They bark and growl and appear a bit angry. You might even mistake these dogs as guard dogs.

I saw them in the distance and continued on with my run. Then they came closer and no owner was near them. They ran right up to me and surrounded me. Barking and growling. I am not scared of dogs. But I was distracted with them as they were stopping my path to get out the way. Next thing I remember is one of the dogs, who I later find out is called Mylo, jumps up and bites my left elbow. I knew immediately he had bitten me as I felt his teeth in my elbow. It was sore. I was a little shaken up as this has never happened in my life.

The dog owner approached me and apologised on behalf of her dog. She mistakenly thought I had been merely frightened of her dogs barking. I told her that he had bitten my elbow. I tried to tell her calmly but my emotions got the better of me and I started to cry. I know there are braver adults and children than me but I’m just being honest. The owner asked that I show her my elbow..I am upset and now pissed off that this women things I’m over reacting to her beloved dog! FFC!!! Her dog, Mylo, had left a few marks on my arm so after seeing this she nods agreeing he had indeed bitten me! Well thank you Ma’am .

What happened next I can’t remember much as I was sore, still knew I had two miles left of my run to finish and to top it off was now miffed at Mrs Dog owner disbelieving me so I make a sharp exit. The exit was made easy as said Mrs Dog owner was holding her dogs on the lead. Aahh, the simple things people forget to do!

When I finally got home I checked my elbow and a small bruise had appeared. Thankfully the dog hadn’t drawn blood so no need for an injection!
So, post reaction to the dog biting incident-well I still love dogs, I am still not scared of dogs but when I run I expect fellow dog owners to be respectful of other people; adults and children who also frequent parks and forests. I’m grateful that most respective dog owners instinctively hold their dog when a runner passes.
Lets hope for the remainder of my marathon training this happens or I’ll end up black and blue. Lol

Byee Elena 🙂

The 6 P’s

From my call centre days I remember the 6 P’s-Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. I think proper planning covers most areas of life. New parents attempting the exodus outside the house with their off spring for the first time (nappies, baby wipes, tissues, extra clothes etc..) going on holiday (passport-check, toiletries bag-check etc..).

I consider myself a good planner and organiser but clearly I am biased. Perhaps the best people to ask are friends and family (mmmmh piss poor comes to mind!). However, in my eyes I believe I am pretty well organised so it was to my horror that my run today was such a disaster. Now, don’t get me wrong the actual run was great and I managed it for the first time with my hydration back pack. The disaster was with my audio.

I was keen on listening to the Radio 5 live commentary of the Murray v Djokovic match in the Australian Tennis Open Final. I got it set up to listen on my mobile. Did my first step of my long run and the commentary stopped. I was puzzled until it dawned on me I hadn’t set it up for 3G (satellite internet to the untrained). Doh!

Take two, I decide to listen instead to Radio 1. Turned it on and in less than a mile the frequency became a fuzzy noise. My blood was starting to rage now. I normally listen to the radio via my MP4 but I hadn’t planned on this as i wanted to listen to the bloody tennis match.

Take three, I remembered I had previously downloaded an audio book so I put on The Humorist written and read by Russell Kane. Well, after 40 minutes can you believe it my mobile went out of charge. FFS!!!! I had visions of me doing a Basil Fawlty but I managed to restrain myself from kicking anything random or screaming “aarrrggghhhh”.

I continued my run and it was perfectly fine. I just focused on completing my 7 miles. It’s just I find some music or anything audio fuels my speed and gives me extra motivation. So next week when I’m doing my 8 miles I will hopefully be a little bit faster when I have applied the 6 P’s.

Summary for this week:
Total Mileage-19.51 miles
Alas, no body pump class (this is becoming a habit guys!) and no pilates class.
Next week is the final week of my pre marathon training plan. So come on “hit me baby one more time”.

Byeee Elena :