Review of 2016

Turning 40 ain’t that bad!

This year I turned 40 and to mark the occasion I went to Paris with my husband, New York with friends and completed my first triathlon.

January Edinburgh Winter Warner 5k


March Paris

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris. So what better way to celebrate my 40th than to visit this wonderful city. It did not disappoint.  But the weather did as March in Paris is baltic.  Next time we will visit in warmer weather.

April New York

This was a truly amazing 5 nights holiday of a life time. I still get giddy when I see NYC on TV and never tire of shouting to whoever will listen “I’ve been there”!

May Loch Leven Half Marathon

This was my 5th Half Marathon.  My running buddy and I raised  £200 for charity. It was a well organised local run.

June Muddy Race for Life 5k

This was so much fun! We are doing again this year.


July Wee Beastie Triathlon

This was a goal i set myself to complete a triathlon.  I was lucky that I found like minded people to do this with. It was a brilliant day and something I am very proud to have achieved. I over came my fear of open water swimming and have acquired a new love of triathlons! I’ve already signed up to do this again.

September 5k obstacle race

This event took place in Edinburgh around Arthur’s seat. It was good to have done but didn’t have as many obstacles  as I had imagined.


I’ve had a great 2016 and can’t wait for 2017. I’m doing a 100k night cycle in May around London, doing the Wee Beastie Triathlon again in July and planning on another half marathon in October.



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