Mixing it up a bit

Week 6 Jantastic-

I’m half way through Jantastic and still maintaining a 100% record for my chosen targets.  But that’s only half the story as the headline news is I feel fitter and stronger.  Post Jantastic I am hoping to remain committed to 3 runs and 2 bike rides a week to help achieve my goal for a fit and healthy me in 2015.

IMAG0548   IMAG0549

What my week looked like-

Monday 9th Feb

  • Planned: Tread run and body pump class
  • Actual: 45 min pump class

Tuesday 10th Feb

  • Planned: nothing
  • Actual: nothing

Wednesday 11th Feb

  • Planned: nothing
  • Actual: nothing

Thursday 12th Feb

  • Planned: spin class
  • Actual: nothing

Friday 13th Feb

  • Planned: tread run and body pump class
  • Actual: tread run 4.70 miles and 45 min pump class

Saturday 14th Feb

  • Planned: 3 mile run and 10 mile cycle
  • Actual: 3 mile run in 35 min and 10.24 mile cycle in 1 hour and 8 mins

IMAG0532      IMAG0536 IMAG0537     IMAG0539

Sunday 15th Feb

  • Planned: 6 mile cycle and 8 mile run
  • Actual: 6 mile cycle in 42 mins and 8 mile run in 1 hour 42 mins

IMAG0540    IMAG0545   IMAG0547    IMAG0546

Review of the week-

This week had the beginnings of being a brilliant week as I was starting with a body pump class.  But I finished work later than anticipated so only managed pump class.  I missed spin as I had dentist and due to dentist was too late to make the class.   Therefore by Friday morning I had 3 days to fit 5 cardio activities in.  I wasn’t too worried just a matter of mixing it up and being focused on my goal; meet Jantastic targets.

I did the same Friday night session as last two weeks-4.7 mile tread run (last week managed 5 miles) and pump class.  Saturday and Sunday I did one run and one cycle on both days.  Like last weeks long run I pushed myself to run faster at the end.  This time I managed 1 mile faster than the whole run had been so really chuffed with that.  It was really great doing both activities back to back.  I never felt overwhelmed or too tired just right.  In fact I just felt really strong in my legs and lungs.

IMAG0551 IMAG0550

Goals for next week-

My goals last week that I achieved were: two body pump classes, 3 runs incl one 8 mile run and one 10 mile cycle.   The one I didn’t meet was spin class.


This week I hope to achieve the following:

  1. one body pump class and one core conditioning session at home
  2. one spin class
  3. one cycle over 10 miles (c.12-16 miles)
  4. three runs incl one long run of 8 miles

I am feeling fit and fabulous.  Long may this satisfaction from exercise continue.


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