Humdrum week

Week 5 Jantastic-

I am really pleased I have met all my Jantastic targets this week again; 3 runs including one of 8 miles and 2 bikes.  My 100% record continues.




What my week looked like-

Monday 2nd February

  • Planned-nothing
  • Actual-nothing

Tuesday 3rd February

  • Planned-evening run
  • Actual-nothing.

Wednesday 4th February

  • Planned-tread run and body pump class at gym
  • Actual-bike at gym (15 min-4.8 miles), body pump class then tread run (16 min-3 miles)

Thursday 5th February

  • Planned-spin class
  • Actual-spin class

Friday 6th February

  • Planned-tread run and body pump class at gym
  • Actual-tread run (37 min-5 miles) and body pump class

Saturday 7th February

  • Planned-8 mile run
  • Actual-8 mile run in 1 hour and 40 min

Sunday 8th February

  • Planned-10 mile cycle
  • Actual-nothing

Review of the week-

This week has been a humdrum sort of week.   No amazing achievements and no awful days just humdrum.  Another way to describe this state would be by saying it was uneventful.  I completed 3 runs and 2 bike sessions.  Nothing more and nothing less.

I started the week by taking a rest day on Monday.  I had exercised Thursday to Sunday previous week so thought it best to take a break.  I had the time and opportunity to run on Tuesday evening but didn’t.  I can’t even come up with a reasonable excuse.  I was plain lazy.  This meant on Wednesday I was playing catch up with myself.  I arrived early for body pump to fit a tread run in but the gym was so busy all treads were full.  I had 15 min free time before class so did a session on stationary bike.  The class was good but the lunges almost broke me! At the end I still wanted to fit a run in so decided to stay for 15 mins.  I normally manage 3 miles in 15 mins but my legs were like jelly.  It was over 16 mins before I reached 3 miles.  I pushed myself too much in one day and paid for it with my jelly legs.  I need to remember quality over quantity for fitness sessions next time.  Thursday having learned my lesson I left then gym after spin class.  Friday I did same as last week; run on tread and body pump class.   Had a great tread session clocking up 5 miles in 37 mins.   I felt really strong before my long run on Saturday.  I kept a fairly slow pace for 7.5 miles and then pushed myself for last half mile.


In the evening I had some tightness in my left knee and my legs left a little stiff.  I decided on Sunday not to do my cycle.  I had already met my Jantastic target so it was purely pleasure and leisure going out of for a ride.  My legs felt normal so decided to listen to my body and give them a rest day.

Overall, my week was ok.  I met my Jantastic targets of 3 runs including one of 8 miles.  I managed to increase one of my other runs from 3 to 5 miles and went to two body pump classes.




Goals for next week-

  1. two body pump classes
  2. run three times including one 8 mile long run and 4-5 miles on each other session
  3. one spin class
  4. one 10 mile cycle outside

Bye bye humdrum week!


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