Going with the flow but not getting flushed away

Week 4 Jantastic-

I met all of my Jantastic targets this week.   But at the start of the week I really never thought I’d make it and contemplated having to use the “joker” on Jantastic.  I was ill for three days and until I woke up on Thursday morning wasn’t making any fitness plans.




What my week looked like-

Monday 26th Jan

  • Planned-lunch time run
  • Actual-no exercise

Tuesday 27th Jan

  • Planned-spin class at gym after work
  • Actual-no exercise

Wednesday 28th Jan

  • Planned-evening run with my running buddies
  • Actual-no exercise

Thursday 29th Jan

  • Planned-lunch time run on tread at gym and spin class at gym after work
  • Actual-30 min spin class followed by 15 min run on tread (2 miles)

Friday 30th Jan

  • Planned-run on tread at gym and body pump class at gym after work
  • Actual-45 min body pump class followed by 23 min run on tread (3 miles)

Saturday 31st Jan

  • Planned-10 mile cycle
  • Actual-10 mile cycle



Sunday 1st Feb

  • Planned-6.5 mile run
  • Actual-6.5 mile run


Review of the week-

This week was about going with the flow.  I was unwell from Sunday evening through to Wednesday night.  I had sore ears, sore neck, sore muscles and sore throat.  I topped myself up with cold/flu plus tablets and didn’t do any exercise.   I looked after myself.  It sounds easy but to be fair I had to be persuaded by my husband to not exercise on Monday and Tuesday.   It was the right decision as my body wasn’t ready and doing it might have prolonged my illness.  By Thursday I felt 100% better and ready to start exercising.  I could have used a “joker” on Jantastic and there is no shame whatsoever for doing this.  But I was determined not to let my 3 day illness flush away all my fantastic progress.  I dug deep and set about meeting my targets.  I took it easy on Thursday and Friday tread runs but also doubled up on Thursday by doing a run after spin.    I am really proud that I met most of my targets this week.  I had set myself some extra ones too; cycle 10 miles and do toning exercises 3 x a week adding more repetitions and weights.  Well, I did cycle 10 miles and did a body pump class but not 3 x a week.  We can’t win them all!

January Progress report-

Four weeks of consistently running 3 x a week and cycling twice a week.

I am now fitting into smaller sized jeans

I feel super motivated and more energetic

I’ve increased my running mileage from 9 miles to around 12-14 miles total per week.

Goals for next week-

February Jantastic has a new target of a long run/cycle or swim per week.  I have chosen to do a long run of 8 miles.  I am hoping to increase the mileage of my other two runs this week too.  I will maintain the 10 mile cycle at the weekend.  Finally I hope to get back to 3 x a week of toning exercises.  Here’s to a fabulous February for everyone!


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