Practice makes perfect

Week 3 Jantastic

Another successful week for my fitness journey.  See screen shot below:

IMAG0515 IMAG0516

Here is what my week looked like:



  • lunch time run (planned)
  • run in evening 4.13 miles in 48 min 20 sec (actual)


Feedback-the evening run was great.  I only planned  to do 3 miles when I started out but it was going so well I ran an extra mile.  Pace was good too-11 min 42 sec


  • spin class (planned)
  • 40 min spin class and evening toning exercises (actual)


  • evening hill session (planned)
  • no exercise (actual)


  •  non exercise day (planned)
  • no cardio but evening toning exercises (actual)


  • spin class (planned)
  •  4 mile tread run in 30 mins incld speed intervals (actual)

Feedback-I did a 5 min warm up followed by 3 intervals of 3 min at a fast pace and 2 minutes recovery (incline set a 1%).  I followed this with 10 mins on a hill incline 5-6%.  I really enjoyed this session.


  • non exercise day (planned)
  • 6.5 mile cycle (actual)




  • long run  (planned)
  • 6 mile run in 1 hour 16 min 35 sec and evening toning exercises (actual)

Feedback-I was a little disappointed with my pace on this run.  It averaged 12 min 45 sec which is slower than I hoped for.  My last 6 mile run I did in 1 hour 14 min 23 sec (pace 12 min 23 sec).  I can only think my “girl thing” affected it.  I am taking inspiration from professional tennis player Heather Watson who during an interview post getting knocked out of Australian Open she talked about her periods.

Reflections on the week-

I achieved all the targets I set myself this week.  These were 3 runs, 2 bike rides and 3 toning sessions.   I found this week very do able.  I felt relieved that I had finally found a manageable way to fit toning exercises into my life.  The revelation was that it wasn’t through a fitness DVD and it wasn’t doing it pre going to work.  These two conditions like my previous one of going to body pump twice a week were not possible.  I am very committed and motivated with my fitness goals.  But fitness is only one aspect of my life and there are other aspects that also require my time (in no particular order); my full-time social work job, spending time with my children, spending time with my husband, caring for my dog, volunteering, relaxing and doing all the other mundane things like tidying/cleaning etc.  For a fitness schedule to work it needs to fit easily into a person’s life.  This is the “do able” bit as if it’s not realistic it is not going to get done.  This is what I discovered about myself with exercising in the morning.  Yes, this is a very do able thing many people use to help them fit in all their life commitments but this doesn’t work for me.  I could break the reasons down for why this doesn’t work for me but to be fair they mostly relate to I am not a morning person.

Goals for next week-

If something works well don’t make the mistake of changing it too soon.  So, I am going to keep my targets the same as last week; 3 runs, 2 bike rides and 3 toning sessions.  I am planning on increasing my bike ride to 10 miles, increasing the repetitions of the toning exercises and add some weights too.

Let’s do this guys,


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